Tribute Exhibition

Cabrillo College
March 22 – April 26, 2013

Jamie Abbott & Ron Milhoan exhibits painting and sculpture of two recently retired Cabrillo College Art Department faculty members. Ron Milhoan’s current paintings have a strong personal content and a level of sophistication that only a seasoned artist has. The large canvases retain some of his particular kind of magic realism, but one of an autobiographical direction, a sort of dreamlike view into his past. This is offset by his expressive use of paint that helps to obfuscate the imagery and lend tension to the dream. In Jamie Abbott’s sculpture he plays with different formal elements than Milhoan. His contrast of materials, mostly wood and steal denotes an interest in permanence and impermanence, as-well-as organic and non-organic use of materials. This, combined with his careful construction of each piece, creates an interesting tension, as does the surface finish, or lack of, with the materials. The wood and steal are left in a purer state of finish without too much fetishistic refinement.

Together the two have worked almost 65 years, teaching more than 4000 students through their courses at Cabrillo. Their combined impact on the art in our county has been substantial. The nurturing, support, and guidance that you find with these two, and all of our instructors in the art department at Cabrillo, has contributed immensely to the development and strength of our local arts.

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