Hello & Welcome!

Take a look around my website. I've been an artist and sculptor for about my entire life. Here, I've put together a collection of my work from over the years, from drawings to my latest exhibitions.

Statement of Purpose

My perception of art as a means of expression is influenced by observing, evaluating and responding to my immediate surroundings. This provides the basis for my artwork. The information is processed through drawings, models and written dialog. I spend time mulling over the precise issues I want the work to address. This developmental process can be at time consuming as building the finished work.

Regardless of materials I work in a series, building on ideas and material exploration. The series could have a foundation based on narrative concepts or a variation on a particular theme. Each new series builds on material information and aesthetic observation gleaned from the prior work.

My background in sculpture spans more than forty years and my use of materials and process covers the traditional as well as non-traditional methods. The fundamental aesthetic issues: such as composition, asymmetry, form, line and plane are primary issues/concerns I refer to when designing my work.

The aesthetics of presentation of my sculpture envelops the work from its beginning stages. The visual value of the work as scene by the larger audience is so dependent upon the totality of the finished work. It culminates with the adage that the work must speak for it’s self.

My past work was very well thought out, with drawings and working patterns for each stage of construction. My current work is more spontaneously constructed with options for aesthetic changes at every stage of the process. Flexibility and the possibility of fresh options are fundamental to my art making. The materials: steel and wood along with the direct process construction I am currently using promote this spontaneous process.